No, I don’t live in a van–but I do occasionally sleep in the back of a truck.

I’m Stasia–a freelance journalist and outdoor adventurer. While Utah, Alaska, and Denver have all been called home, I’ve now planted my roots along the Tenmile Range in Breckenridge, Colorado.

I’m in pursuit of the nooks with big mountains, genuine people, and tasty brews. The good stuff in life is what’s worth chasing after and more often than not, that means nights spent under a tent fly or truck cap.

I’ve come to believe that best adventures leave a mark on our souls. I’m interested in telling those stories–the fun ones, the hard ones, the important ones. I hope that in some way my writing can foster positivity, pique interest, and, perhaps, leave readers with a greater appreciation of this amazing planet we call home.

When I’m not writing, you’ll find me out in the backcountry, trail running, skiing, backpacking, and mountain biking with my husband and dog. And if I’m not there, I’m most likely in the kitchen cooking or baking something new and hopefully delicious.